Pool Allocated Bullion Products

Our pool allocated bullion products offer an ultra-low-cost method to invest in precious metals. Pool allocated products are an alternative to buying physical bullion bars and coins, instead of taking physical possession, you can purchase direct from our existing holdings, with no storage fees and the ability to sell your pooled holdings at any time.

When it's time to sell, you can choose to withdraw your holdings as cash to your bank account, or withdraw your holdings as physical 1ozt gold bars, you simply pay the difference between the pool and 1ozt bar price (barring fee).

Barring Fee Example: Pooled 1ozt holding value = $2500 AUD, 1ozt bullion bar price $2540, barring fee = $40.

Because you are buying from our own holdings, we can offer an extremely low margin compared to traditional minted and cast bars and coins. Pool allocated is available for Gold Bullion and Silver Bullion, and all our pooled bullion products are guaranteed to be physically held and vaulted by us.

To get started with our pool allocated products, simply add one of these items to your shopping cart and checkout. Once your order is completed, we will provide you with an invoice and a sign up form for our Investors Centre website.

With your investors centre account, you can buy, sell and manage all your pool allocated bullion holdings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our investors centre has been built with security strongly in mind, meaning you can be at ease when trading online with us.

For more details on our pooled bullion and investors centre, please feel free to call us at the number below or visit us in store to discuss.

Call or visit our Annerley Office

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To get started now with buying pool allocated bullion, you can click here to view our pool allocated items in our online store.