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Receive the best short term gold loan rates in Brisbane

Loan Gold Jewellery Bullion

Receive an instant cash loan against any gold jewellery, gold coins or gold bullion at our Brisbane pawn shop and receive your loan payment in minutes!

Regardless of your credit rating or past credit issues, our Brisbane pawnbrokers service will provide you with a loan which is secured against the value of your gold or silver items.

You will not receive a bad credit rating from us even if you fail to repay your loan.

We offer Brisbane's highest loan payments, our competitors normally only offer around 1/3rd the amount we loan, and we provide you with 3 months to repay your loan with our low interest rates charged monthly.

If you repay your loan early, in most cases we provide a further discount on the interest you will pay.

Visit our office today to secure your cash loan at the best rates possible in Queensland!

For more information, see details of our rates and repayments below:

Interest Rates for our short term loans:

We provide industry leading interest rates to our customers, and provide loans of any amount you require, with loan offers based directly upon the value of the gold and silver items you put forward as security upon the loan.

Our interest rates are displayed to you upfront, and can be seen in the table below. We offer these rates with no hidden fees or charges.

Loan Amount 7 Day Loan 14 Day Loan 30 Day Loan 90 Day Loan
$200+ 5% 6% 10% 10%
$1,000+ 4% 5% 8% 8%
$4,000+ 3.5% 4% 7% 7%
$7,000+ 3% 4% 6% 6%
$10,000+ 2.5% 3% 5% 5%
$20,000+ 1.5% 2.5% 4% 4%
$30,000+ 1.5% 2% 3% 3%

Our loans offer the highest possible amount for your gold jewellery, gold bullion and other gold / silver items, while also combining the lowest possible interest rates which are the most competitive in Brisbane.

To pawn your gold items or for more information on our loan services, please call or visit us in store today.

How much do I need to repay on my gold loan?

Below is an example of loan amounts and the interest payable for each upon collection of your gold / silver items.

Examples of Total Interest Payable Upon Collection

Loan Amount Repaid In
7 Days
Repaid In
14 Days
Repaid Within
30 Days
Repaid Within
90 Days
$500 $25 $30 $50 $150
$1,000 $40 $50 $80 $240
$4,000 $140 $160 $280 $840
$7,000 $210 $280 $420 $1,260
$10,000 $250 $300 $500 $1,500
$20,000 $300 $500 $800 $2,400
$30,000 $450 $600 $900 $2,700

Long Term Loans for Gold & Silver Bullion

If you need a large bullion loan valued at over $50,000, we can offer you a special interest rate amount with upto 12 months to repay.

Minimum Required Loan Amount Monthly Interest Rate Redemption Period
$50,000 + 3% (With interest payments
required monthly)
Upto 12 Months

Long term loans require the payment of interest each month, you can pay multiple months interest in advance if you prefer.

If you default on these monthly interest repayments within a 12 month period, your items will be sold at the current world gold / silver market spot price, if this results in a profit by us we will refund you any difference above the original loaned amount.

Call or visit our store today to find out more.

Types of gold and silver items we provide loans upon:

We accept basically all precious metal items for loans, below is an example of the most common items people use to receive a gold loan from us:

  • Gold Jewellery / Silver Jewellery
  • Gold Coins / Silver Coins
  • Gold Bullion / Silver Bullion
  • Scrap & Damaged Gold & Silver

If you have any precious metal items which are not mentioned above, please contact us to find out if we can secure a loan against by calling (07) 3123 6679

IDENTIFICATION: Suitable ID is required to obtain a gold loan from us:

Option 1: Valid Photo Id:

One valid photo ID is satisfactory to receive a gold loan from us immediately, this is the most common method our customers choose to receive loans upon their gold and silver items.

Valid photo ID's are mentioned below:

  • Passports (Local or Foreign)
  • KeyPass ID Cards
  • State Issued Drivers Licences
  • State Issued Learners Permits
  • Firearms Licence
  • Tertiary Education Photo ID

Option 2: 2 X Valid Text Id:

If you do not have any photo ID mentioned above, you can still receive a loan on your gold & silver by providing us with two types of valid text based identification.

Valid text based ID is mentioned below, remember you will need two of these to obtain a loan:

  • Birth Certificate (Full or Extract)
  • Certificate of Marriage
  • Medicare Card
  • Australian Bank Statement or Utility Bill
  • Commonwealth Veterans Affairs Card
  • Commonwealth Pensioner Concession Card
  • Commonwealth Health Care Card

To receive a loan against your gold or silver items today, visit our pawn shop at:

  • Brisbane Gold Buyers

    shop 1/663 Ipswich Rd,
    Annerley QLD 4103

  • Phone:

    (07) 3123 6679

  • (Parking Available At Rear Via Villa Street Opposite Chardens Hotel)

1. Minimum loan term 1 week, maximum loan term unlimited. 2. APR = 36% 3. If you borrow $10,000 you must payback $16,000 after 1 year

Todays Prices We Pay Live Price Updates
24k Gold Items $96.03 Per Gram
22k Gold Items $88.05 Per Gram
20k Gold Items $80.07 Per Gram
18k Gold Items $72.09 Per Gram
14k Gold Items $56.04 Per Gram
9k Gold Items $36.05 Per Gram
Todays Bullion Prices We Pay Sell Price
1oz 999 Gold Bar $3,411 $3,588
10oz 999 Gold Bar $34,119 $35,673
1kg 999 Gold Bar $109,696 $115,373
1kg 999 Silver $1384.00 $1560.72
Todays Coin Prices We Pay
1oz Krugerrands $3236 Per Coin
Gold Sovereigns $761 Per Coin
Australian $200 coin $954 Per Coin

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