Buy & Sell Gold / Silver Bullion Bars or Coins

Brisbane Gold Buyers offer the highest buy back price in Brisbane for your bullion. Our current payment rates are listed below for all common gold bars, silver bars and coins.

We also sell gold bullion bars, silver bullion bars and gold / silver bullion coins in store. As stock is not always on hand, please contact us before visiting when you are looking to purchase bullion.

All prices below are live with the current world gold trading rates (World Bullion Spot Price).

Bullion Bars

Gold Bullion Bars

Name Buy Price Sell Price
1/2 oz Gold Bullion Bars $1694 $1807
1 oz Gold Bullion Bars $3388 $3564
2 oz Gold Bullion Bars $6776 $7107
100g Gold Bullion Bars $10893 $11397
5 oz Gold Bullion Bars $16941 $17698
250g Gold Bullion Bars $27233 $28399
10 oz Gold Bullion Bars $33882 $35325
500g Gold Bullion Bars $54466 $56742
1kg Gold Bullion Bars $108933 $113427

Silver Bullion Bars

Name Buy Price Sell Price
1 oz bar $41.51 N/A
10 oz bar $415.00 $500.76
500g bar $667.00 $785.65
1 kg bar $1334.00 $1521.16
100 oz bar $4150.00 $4655.60
5 kg bar $6672.00 $7448.24

Bullion Coins

Gold Bullion Coins

Name Buy Price Sell Price
1/2 oz Gold Bullion Coins $1694 $1838
1 oz Gold Bullion Coins $3388 $3601

Silver Bullion Coins

Name Buy Price Sell Price
1 oz Silver Bullion Coins $41.51 $56.27

Australian Gold & Silver Coins

Australian Gold Coins

Name Buy Price
200 Dollar Gold Coin $875
1 Gold Sovereign $697

Australian Silver Coins

Name Buy Price
1966 50c Coin (Round Coin) $10.55
1910 to 1946 (per gram) $0.92
1947 to 1963 (per gram) $0.46

South African Coins

Canadian Gold Coins

Name Buy Price
1 Kruggerand $3213
1/2 Kruggerand $1606
Todays Prices We Pay Live Price Updates
24k Gold Items $95.36 Per Gram
22k Gold Items $87.43 Per Gram
20k Gold Items $79.51 Per Gram
18k Gold Items $71.59 Per Gram
14k Gold Items $55.65 Per Gram
9k Gold Items $35.79 Per Gram
Todays Bullion Prices We Pay Sell Price
1oz 999 Gold Bar $3,388 $3,554
10oz 999 Gold Bar $33,882 $35,325
1kg 999 Gold Bar $108,933 $114,248
1kg 999 Silver $1334.00 $1498.24
Todays Coin Prices We Pay
1oz Krugerrands $3213 Per Coin
Gold Sovereigns $697 Per Coin
Australian $200 coin $875 Per Coin

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