Frequently Asked Questions

Another company mentioned their advertised prices can vary by up to 3%, does your company also pay lower than the advertised rates?

No, we will always pay you the exact amount advertised on our website. We never lower our offers below the advertised prices.

How much can I earn when selling my gold?

The value of gold varies from day-to-day. We at Brisbane Gold Buyers, purchase your gold based on weight and purity. Our experienced staff members will determine the purity of your items, using industry standard equipment, to calculate the total value.

If you know roughly the weight and purity of your gold items, you can work out a close estimate by using our pricing table on the right. These prices are updated on a daily basis.

What about gold items with diamonds or stones?

Brisbane Gold Buyers do not purchase diamonds or stones contained in gold jewellery.

If you would like to keep the stones, we recommend you remove them prior to sale.

What if I'm not located in Brisbane or Gold Coast?

If you're not located near Brisbane or the Gold Coast, you can deal direct with our head office in Melbourne. You can either visit their shop directly to sell on the spot, otherwise they can offer a mail in service from anywhere in Australia. Head office details are on the contact page of this website.

What colours of gold do you purchase?

We purchase all colours of gold. The value of your gold is based on fineness (carat value) of the gold, not the colour.

I've just paid $2000 for a bracelet from a retail shop and the value of gold has gone up since then. Will I get more for it?

Unfortunately the answer is no. Because you've purchased your gold jewellery from a retail store, at retail prices, the price you've paid is not solely based on the value of gold but the design, manufacturing, transportation, staff wages, store rental and so on. This means the price you pay for new jewellery in retail stores is inflated well over the actual gold value alone.

Todays Prices We Pay   Live Price Updates
No admin fees, price variances or hidden charges
24k Gold Items $62.68 Per Gram
22k Gold Items $57.53 Per Gram
20k Gold Items $51.91 Per Gram
18k Gold Items $47.10 Per Gram
14k Gold Items $36.13 Per Gram
9k Gold Items $23.55 Per Gram
1oz 999 Gold Bar / Coin $2100 Per Coin
1oz Krugerrands $1992 Per Coin
Gold Sovereigns $469 Per Coin
Australian $200 Coin $587 Per Coin
It's safe and easy to get cash for your old jewellery and gold:

No Appointment Necessary, come visit us at Shop 1, 663 Ipswich Road, Annerley.

We are open between 9:30am - 6pm Monday to Friday. 10am to 3pm Saturday. Closed Sunday.

We Will Value & Assess your gold items in front of you and pay you instant cash