Gold Bullion Bars 1ozt Pool Allocated Gold Bullion
Pool Allocated Gold Bullion Share : 1oz
Low cost managed bullion with no storage fees
Our Current Price: $2,651.00 AUD
Our current buy-back price is $2,558.00 AUD
About This Item: Pool allocated means you are investing in a share of our gold bullion reserves, fully managed, stored and vaulted by us at no additional cost.

The benefits of this type of ownership are that you can purchase at the lowest possible price with the added benefit of not having to physically store the bullion yourself.

Once you purchase your pool allocated bullion from our online store, we will also set up an online investors account, where you can purchase gold bullion per gram or ounce for any weight above 10 grams, along with selling your bullion holdings at any time for cash bank transfer or 1oz physical withdrawal for a barring fee.

Our online investors account allows you to buy or sell pool allocated bullion online 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.